Welcome to my new blog, which is completely based on the questions you ask! If you have a question I'm here to answer it!

I love the idea of advice columns! I think they are a great way to get another opinion on some topic. It's an easy way to get some additional advice without any commitment to anything. The person offering the advice isn't on the hook to solve the problem in some way. Nobody is being paid. The person asking for advice can take it or leave it with no harm done. It requires minimal effort to ask the question. The expectations are completely removed.

So, let's go over some guidelines. I've put this stuff on the About page, but I want to go over them here as well.

It's not a psychic hotline! I'm not doing tarot readings, energy healing, or offering intuitive advice. This is specific to the concepts that I talk about every day on my other platforms around the idea of self-mastery (mind, body, spirit). Anything outside of self-mastery will not be responded to.

I will post your question anonymously unless you give me permission to use your first name in the email you send me. Any information you put into the body of your question will be published. Please take that into consideration when adding identifying details to your question and remove or change the names of other people that may be involved.

Depending on the number and variety of questions I get, I may not be able to respond to everybody. My replies are not based on a first come first serve basis. They will be random and it is possible that not everybody gets their question answered.

I will not reply to the emails and you will not be notified if I reply to your question. The easiest way to know if I reply is to subscribe to the blog so that when I post an answer, you get an email. This will allow you to monitor whether or not your question has been answered without checking the site all the time.

You can ask me a question by sending an email to and then don't forget to subscribe so you get the emails when I post replies!

Thanks so much for checking this out! I'm super excited to start answering your questions!

Love to all.


Della Wren

Della Wren

I am an author and spiritual self-mastery teacher. I teach people about the concepts of self-mastery including mind, emotion, and behavior.
Winnipeg, Manitoba